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FrostPheonix’s guide on splicing

Hello peoplz, this is my first guide, and it’s about splicing. Well start with the beginning, and please comment or rate. I don’t care if you like or not, but please comment.

Part one: splicing trainers

Choosing your sprite material.

First, I will imagine that I have no material. And I want to splice a sprite to make a…… Grey-haired, bearded, old man. So, first I find the material. Here is a link in case you guys want one for material:

 So I scroll down, and look for a guy with a beard. Here is one:


A hiker. Next, I’ll look for some good old guys to use as the body. Lets check:



No offence, but these guys look kinda old. But do we want one of the bodies? Let’s check:

1: looks like he only looks old in the head. But we are editing that out. So, nope.

2: This guy even looks a little younger. Except the hair, which we will edit out. So, no again.

3: Hmmm, this guy looks ok. He has the old fashioned walking stick, and even the gray hair instead of the hiker’s hat. So lets take him.

So, our material will be this:


Looks ok.  Lets go on.


Starting the splicing

Open MS Paint, or any other  picture editor. I prefer paint and shall use it in the guide, but you use what ever you want.

Copy and paste the two sprites into a Bmp.




(I made it black to distinguish the actuall size)

Now, click to zoom and zoom in to 6x:



(had to guess there)

Ok. Next, cut the part you want with the cut tool:




My advice would be to save before doing this. I sadly did not.

Ok, now, just colour in with the back colour the extra.


Next, cut the body of that gentleman, and copy. Then paste, drag it to some area in the middle, and cut the head part and paste it to the body. Do this in any order that suits you; this way is generally harder. But that’s what happens when you don’t save. So, here a result:



Not perfect yet, huh? You just wait.

Now, we get the the trimming. First, cut a square so that unneeded space is cut off.


Now drag it off.  Next, trim. Like that hand still in there; recolour till it looks right.

But now you might be asking me; what about the grey hair? Now we just recolour. Take shades of gray and put em on.



Looks ok now, huh? If you want to, make it a little more detailed, so that the beard doesn’t look that fake. But whats THAT?!?

He has two hats. That is a problem. Lets undo it!

Since he is a pokémon trainer, lets make him hold a pokeball! For that, we go back to our resource site:

Hey, almost all of them hold pokeballs! But lets just use this guy for now:



Ok. Now, we paste him into the pic and cut the pokeball. Erase the hat, and then put the pokeball pixel for pixel (which isn’t a lot), and don’t put it over his hand. The Results:


So, I took the liberty to downsize him. Here:



Well, that’s all for today. I’ll do the pokémon splicing tmmrw, but, remember, it is the same concept, so actually no need for it. Hope I helped!