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Frozen feathers surrounding you


I found out other GIMPs I can make. Here is a planet:

looks like its a liiiitttllle too big. But still, an achivement!


Dragon Cave

Started to breed baby dragons! At Dragon cave you can get eggs and hatch them. Go to Dragons I own to see mine! Please click on them!

Sprite Index

I will keep on updating the index continually, with some splices and some customs, and also designs i make. Like this: 

Well? I like it personally. Well, Ciao.

Frost Pheonix/Skull Guardian 

Fire ball sprite

Well, today, or yesterday, I made a sprite making a fireball. He is there in the album. 

P.S.: Black and white released for about two months now. And still need help for shadow dawn. 



I've redone the sprite. Since the JPNG ruined the image, I recoloured it and got better results:

Again, all credit to Blackmoonflower. 


31 days since release

Well, Black and White have been released 31 days ago. One month. If you have trouble, Serebii pretty much picked it clean, check it out.

Also, I sprited Black Moon Flower's dreadraze on pokecommunity.

I do not say the fakemon is mine. I merely sprited it. I sprited it, blackmoonflower made the actuall pic.


Well, seeya soon! 

+20 days since release... or more

Well, I updated my site and edited the logo and theme and background. Not much to do, school started, DS still broken.

I still need people to help me on Shadow Dawn, and I slacked off for now. Didn't do much on it.

I wrote a splicing tut but didnt find a place to post on pokecommunity, so ill just post it here :).

If you have a wifi-usb adapter that doesn't work, check out the new guides section. I wrote something there. 

Pokemon Black and White release

Pokemo Black and White were released! It looks like they are getting excellent reviews, and that there are about 100 or more new pokemon. I got the ROM, and made a little starter movie. Didn't play through though, don't want to mess the story before I get it during spring :). Well, not much going on, and I still need helpers for Shadow Dawn. I tried to edit the titlescreen, but it did not work out, so I am also hoping for some more help.

Seeya around!


Oh yeah, and the video:



Well, I still didn't get my ds fixed, but I started with ROM hacking again. My new game is to be called:

Pokemon Shadow Dawn

I drew the background picture. It is supposed to be the region. Except the logo, all of it is MINE. 

Oh yeah, like the remodeling? Did it to fit the logo and map.