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My impeding fan-fiction projects

I thought a little about Shadow Lugia and how it is kind of regarded as evil everywhere, so I am writing a fin fiction about it:

The legend of Shadow Lugia- abandoned 

Sorry, but I didn't receive enough feedback. 


Well, the other day I saw pokemon on TV, and it was about Ash visiting this woman who had lost her Pikachu. She thought it was Ash's pikachu, and then realised it wasn't and gave it back. Later, her pikachu comes back as a Raichu, and can pulverise the berries it couldn't before. So, I thought I should write about how Raichu left her! This is the fan fiction:

Abigail (I know, not very original, but what else should I put?)- abondoned

Abigail is now on for anyone to take and develop. I do not take ownership anymore if taken by anyone.

Abigail: word document